For learners, it’s as easy as:

1. Visit CE Sally to find the courses you’ve offered

Members can browse the “Featured CE” or use our super-efficient search box.

search box

2. Enter the verification code and complete any post-tests or evaluations

All learning activities are completed at once, similar to a shopping cart checkout on an e-commerce website.

To-do List entry codes

3. Download their report (course completion data is automatically submitted to CPE Monitor)

Completed learning activity statements can be downloaded individually or complied into one PDF.

Your Completed CE

CE Sally with tablet

I’m CE Sally!

I’m a new assistant for your organization’s CE fulfillment needs.

My job is to make your job easier and give you a familiar, comforting personality. We may be new to each other, but I’ve been working in the field for years. I’ve fine-tuned my services based on feedback from dozens of customers, thousands of learners, and tens of thousands of completed CE programs.

I received an invitation from CE Sally, and was successful in navigating my credits. The invitation was perfect, it let me know that the CE was ready for evaluation.

Thanks for your help, and I give CE Sally a thumbs up. :)

– Julius R.Ph, CGP

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