About CE Sally

CE Sally is your go to source for Continuing Education.

She’s the Educational Manager we all wish we could have, and after years of refinement she’s now open for hire.

Most members of professional organizations have a person they can go to, have an educational manager. They might go by different titles but there’s always somebody who works at the association that helps the members with their educational efforts. This person collects the data. This person makes sure everything is properly filed. This person has a name, has a face, and is usually pretty friendly.

We think that that person is important. We think that that human connection most people have to their professional association is key.

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CE Sally’s job is to make your job easier and give you a familiar, comforting personality. We may be new to each other, but she’ve been working in the field for years. She’s fine-tuned my services based on feedback from dozens of customers, thousands of learners, and tens of thousands of completed CE programs.

CE fulfillment systems need to work for their users, not for their creators. They need to be easy to use. That’s our philosophy. That’s CE Sally.

And there’s more! CE Sally only charges for the work she does. It’s the new “pay-as-you-go” model all the new services are using. If you don’t use her services during a particular month, you pay nothing!

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