For your association, it’s as easy as:

1. Use our template to upload information about your learning activities

We provide an XLS template for you to get started with and also and robust help page that discusses all the columns.

learning activities import

2. Tell CE Sally who should see your activities

After the intial import your learning activity settings can be fine-tuned at anytime to your exact requirements.

learning activity settings

3. Have CE Sally send email invitations to your learners

Upload an XLS full of recipients and/or add addtional ones as needed.

learning activity invite form

4. Review your reports

Click on the Reports link under the learning activity's name.

admin learning activity table

You'll then be taken to the available reports for the relevant activity.

admin learning activity reports

You'll be able to view and download up-to-the minute data.

admin learning activity eval report

5. View your “Pay-As-You” completions

Our “Pay-As-You” pricing model is based on the number of learner completions for your association and you can review this total at any time.

learning activity completions

CE Sally with tablet

I’m CE Sally!

I’m a new assistant for your organization’s CE fulfillment needs.

My job is to make your job easier and give you a familiar, comforting personality. We may be new to each other, but I’ve been working in the field for years. I’ve fine-tuned my services based on feedback from dozens of customers, thousands of learners, and tens of thousands of completed CE programs.

From an administrative stand point, CE Sally has made the upload of programs/ attendee lists quicker and easier. This saves the staff a significant amount of time.

— NYSCHP Staff

CE Sally’s administrative tools are easy to use. The templates provided make uploading and managing programs and participants a piece of cake. The support team is always quick to respond and very helpful if we have questions.

— ICHP Staff

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